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Desy Cheng: Work with the pros

What it takes to work with the pros? Sitting for hours sifting through reels and reels of first and B-role, slicing, cutting and piecing together not just a video but a moment in time that is re-lived every time it is watched, it is the art of video and it is no small feat.

The eye, the gear and the skill to masterfully piece together a cinematic film takes years of experience to make that final piece felt in the heart by the viewers and that is something Desy Cheng does with finesse. The first time we met Desy, in walked this slender fellow, very sharply dressed with a bright smile. If you’ve ever had the chance to work with Desy you know his great wit and never ending positivity, exactly the guy you want working along side you in the chaos of events and productions.

Not only has Desy and his team been creating wedding films for years with RF Weddings, he has now ventured out into a very successful start in the commercial world with his new production company, Paper Crane. To date, they have worked with big names such as EA Sports, Proctor & Gamble, Bench, Kijiji, Cactus Club Cafe and many more.

We asked Desy to share with us a little of what helps him achieve the “it” factor in his beautiful wedding and commercial films:

1. A great slider:

A reliable cam slider is essential for giving variety in your video work. Used at every wedding and great for adding interest to the wedding details, venues and for wide angle shots of the activity. His favourite is the Motion 9 Linecam. Because of it’s small lightweight construction it stays glued to Desy’s tripod pretty much all day.  One benefit is that it extends when in-use which makes it super compact, travel friendly and easy to carry.  It is similar to the Edelkrone version but less expensive, smaller and lighter.

2. Sony A7s

After a year of testing the mirror-less Sony A7s, Desy was so blown  away with the quality it was producing that he changed his entire production system to make it their primary producer. In Desy’s opinion, it goes far beyond what their former Canon bodies were producing. One of its best features is the low-light sensitivity and high dynamic range when shooting in SLOG mode, giving the user the ability to capture images with less grain and more brightness in dimly lit situations. Video can be captured in cropped or full frame, in 4K and has an EVF to help balance the image in bright lighting. A bonus feature, by using an adapter you can still shoot with your Canon and Nikon lenses. No need to get replace all of your lenses saving you big bucks.

3. A monopod

If Desy had to choose only one piece of assisting gear that he could not live without, it would be a sturdy monopod. A good monopod will aid in keeping your shots steady, eliminating unsettling camera shake. Monopods are lightweight, low-profile  and versatile to get in and around small spaces, an essential when shooting wedding work. Large tripods take are quite intrusive on the scene making monopods the ideal choice when the job calls for a discreet footprint.

To see some of the AMAZING work Desy and his team are producing, check out the short videos below!

Recent wedding work shot on the amazing Sony A7s. Grab a tissue box!


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